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About Pam

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BODY THERAPY Pamela Coke C.M.T 209-586-5996

Over 30 years experience

Taught Massage Therapy and Health at Cal Poly University

Was one of the top 10 in the US for Middle Weight Body Building

Served on the Tuolumne County Search and Rescue team for 5 years

Owned S.L.O Massage Therapy in Pismo Beach within the largest athletic club on the Central Coast

Mother of Phil Coke Major League Pitcher
Ever since I can remember, I have been drawn to helping and healing others. Being a healer has been my life’s destiny. Since I began in Massage Therapy school in 1983 I have sought different health and healing modalities from schools and teachers from around the world to expand my knowledge and experiences. 

I seek to make positive and healthy changes for my clientele. Over the years I have seen life changing miracles happen which confirms why I have chosen this path. People say "You have helped or healed me in one way or another", but I say “I give credit to God, healing energies, and guides, because I am only a channel".

Early on I went to school for nutrition and taught massage therapy and health at Cal Poly.  Since I left Cal Poly I have taught small massage therapy classes. I also teach Reiki and other forms and knowledge of healing energies.  Some have called me a shaman, which simply means a spiritual teacher or mentor. I enjoy opening minds of my students and expanding beyond traditional concepts and modalities.

Of all the different modalities I do in my practice, people will often ask which I enjoy doing the best. This is a difficult question to answer, but I would have to say energy work, emotional release/trauma release and myofascial release would be my favorites. When people come to me I facilitate so much more than they are aware of.
Over time I have introduced tools to my practice like ear candling, laser therapy, detox foot baths, and homeopathy detox. I am always researching new modalities and tools to expand in my clients health and healing.

My journey as a healer, shaman and massage therapist will never end because of the joy it gives me to make even the smallest difference in people’s lives.

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